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NogaTech is providing extensive service to customers in IT; some of these services are oracle database, oracle database 19, oracle database 12c, and Oracle database SQL. Oracle is a product from Oracle corporation that provides a relational database management system to the end-users to execute the tasks effectively and efficiently.

Oracle’s RDBMS supports any data models and has different product editions such as python connect to oracle database, Oracle database management and autonomous db. Indeed, the user gets to choose the database system depending on their need and the needs of the project. Oracle products are scalable and secure for executing the tasks with high-performance ability compared to other available databases, such as Oracle SQL developer mysql, online oracle database, and oracle database development.

Hire Best Oracle database management, (Oracle database management)

What is Oracle?

NogaTech also believes in providing complete solutions to the customers and complete details about the project. Therefore, Its database is also known as simply Oracle multiple services, for example, oracle cloud database service, oracle database as a service and docker oracle database services. Also, It is a multi-model relational database management system designed for enterprise grid computing and data warehousing projects and assignments.

Finally, this is one of the first choices for enterprises for cost-effective solutions because the previous technologies were not that cost-effective for their applications and data management. Also, it supports SQL as a query language to interact with the database and provides extensive support to the customers. Currently, its database comes in five different editions based on the features available.

Standard Edition One

This application is quite suitable for single-server and highly branched business applications with limited features for the project.

Standard Edition

It delivers all facilities provided in Standard Edition One that effectively maintain the data. Therefore, It doesn’t take much time for the analysis of data. Also, it provides larger machine support and Oracle Real Application clustering service.

Enterprise Edition

This edition is packed with features like security which is one of the most prominent reasons for selecting this application, performance, scalability, and availability required for highly critical applications in which online transaction processing is involved.

Express Edition

It is an entry-level edition that is free to download. In fact. this feature is most effective to install, manage, develop and deploy.

Personal Edition

It comes with the same features as Enterprise edition except Oracle Real Application Clustering that was not available in previous additions.

Features of Oracle

An Oracle database management offers the following features to meet the requirements of powerful database management as well as to provide the most effective solutions to the customers;

Scalability and Performance

Features like Real Application Clustering and Portability make an Oracle database management scalable according to the usage. Finally, these features are very effective from the point of view of the end-user of this service. Indeed, A multiuser database is require to control data consistency and concurrency, which Oracle contemplates.


Real-time applications require high data availability. The end-user needs to make sure of the availability of the data required for the execution of this application; this is also one of the most important features from the end-user’s point of view. Finally, High-performing computing environments are configured to provide all-time data availability. Data that is available during planned or unplanned downtimes and failures of the application and the processes.

Backup and Recovery

the other feature of this application is its layout complete recovery features to recover data from almost all kinds of failures. Indeed, In case of failure of the application or the data functioning, the database needs to be recovered within no time for high availability, making this application reliable. Therefore, Unaffected parts of data are available while the affected ones are getting recovered.


Securing the data is always the top priority from the end-user and the customer’s point of view. Oracle database management provides mechanisms to control data access and usage of the application and Oracle database management, oracle cloud database service. Also, Implementing authorization and editing user actions can prevent unauthorized access to the protected data and allow distinct access to the users.

Importance of Oracle

NogaTech is among the oldest companies that provide database management solutions to the customers as per the users’ needs. Finally, NogaTech has always focused on Enterprise requirements like node oracle, oracle SQL developer, creating the database in oracle and oracle database 10g express edition, and acknowledged the latest technology trends.

That’s why its products are always embellished with new features. For instance, the latest Oracle database 19C is available for the use of the customers on Oracle Cloud. Also, Oracle database management offers users to choose from the different database editions that suit their needs to provide a cost-effective solution.


There are several benefits of this application when we talk about the features of its database. Also, These features give Oracle an edge over other competitors and the applications in this domain like Oracle database management. Now, we will look at the advantages of Oracle.


It has methodologies and principles to achieve high performance that was the most prominent feature. Especially, It was not available with the previous technologies. NogaTech can implement performance tuning in its database to retrieve and alter data faster within less time, to improve query execution time and hence application operations.

Multiple Database

Its database supports managing multiple databases simultaneously without any hassle as instances on a single server. Moreover, Oracle provides an instance Caging method to manage CPU allocations on a server running the database instances. Therefore, Instance caging works with the database resource manager to manage services over multiple instances so that the customer can get the best out according to the projects’ needs.


As we discussed above, about the different editions available in the market that Oracle database management requirements change in the future for multiple assignments or projects. Therefore, If you want to learn and do some hands-on Oracle, you can download and install the express edition database, which is free. Our professional team is also available to provide support to the customers.


It uses Real Application Clusters, the most effective methodology to provide a high data availability system. Indeed, The database with RAC has benefits over traditional database servers

  • Scaling the database over multiple instances.
  • Load balancing
  • Data redundancy and availability
  • Flexible to increase processing capacity

Failure Recovery

RMAN (Recovery Manager) is the feature of an Oracle DB which recover or restore the database files that are important to recover or got misplaced during downtimes and outages. Finally, It supports online, archived backups and continuous archiving. Likewise, Users can also SQL* PLUS for Recovery, called user-managed Recovery, which is supported by it. There is an export utility available in the database to add user-managed backups according to the requirements.


The database supports PL/SQL extension for procedural programming.
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